Our Services

Precision machining across a wide range of materials. Decades of machining experience combined with equipment tailored to the task.

Repeatability. Our process is iterative and emergent. The one we use together today will not be the same one we use next year, next month or next week. Every product made feeds back into the process to improve it. Each iteration may only result in a small improvement, but our customers will reap the benefit of this effort over the course of the partnerships we build with them. QSM will do the heavy lifting of adapting new processes and technologies, to your benefit, in the fulfillment of your orders. 

Responsiveness. Needs change constantly based on the market. We are prepared to enable our customers to pivot while maintaining the flexibility they demand. We combine job shop flexibility with production run efficiency through constantly improving processes, generating success. Gain a competitive advantage by being more responsive to changing conditions.

Integration. Having combined metal fabrication and precision machining in a turnkey solution we can aid in improving supply chain coordination. By taking advantage of an integrated suite of services, supply chain cost and complexity are both reduced for customers. Combined with the transparency QSM offers all of its clients, more control and visibility is offered over the parts of their sub assemblies than they would otherwise receive.